Huppa Huiyya New Marathi Movie

Amit kakad and dream view productions pvt. ltd. present Huppa Huiya marathi movie release on 25th martch 2010.Huppa Huiyya Cast - Akshara Films Division

"Huppa Huiyya"  a samit kakkad production
Producers: Samit Kakkad / Amar Kakkad / Pushpa Kakkad
Creative Director: Samit Kakkad
Director: Anil Surve
Cinematographer: A.K. Bir
Story: Hemant Edlabadkar
Music: Ajit Parab
Action: Javed / Ezaz
Choreographer: Umesh Jaadhav
Background Score: Ajit Parab / Sameer Mhatre
Executive Producer: Sachin Kakkad
Lyrics: Prakash Chauhan
Music Programmer: Sameer Mhatre
Playback Singers: Vaishali Samant, Swapnil Bandodkar, Nehha Rajpal, Avdhoot Gupte, Ajit Parab
Editor: Ravi Bhushan
Mixing Engineer: Manoj Mochemadkar
Song Mastering & Mixing: Chinmay Harshe
Sound Design: Abhijeet Deo
Chief Asst. Director: Vikramsen Chavan

Star Cast: Siddharth Jadhav, Mohan Joshi, Girija Oak,, Usha Nadkarni, Ganesh Yadav, Mangesh Desai, Maansi Mangikar, Vaibhav Mangale, Kushal Badrike, Nilesh Divekar, Poonam Jadhav
Special Appearance: Kashmera Shah

Vihir - The Well (New Movie Trailer)

BERLIN - Marathi film “Vihir”, produced by Amitabh Bachchan Corp Ltd (ABCL) and directed by Umesh Kulkarni, got a warm reception and ran to a full house at the Berlin International Film Festival.

“It is a great honour for me to be here in Berlin. The film is based on an autobiographical event, I lost my cousin in a well when I was 14, and I found the idea that somebody can be here one day, and be gone the next, very intriguing. It raised questions that I try to answer throughthe film, to search for him,” said Kulkarni, whose short film “Three of Us” was also at Berlin in 2008.

The film is about the friendship between two teenage boys Sameer and Nachiket and how they grapple with death and larger philosophical questions. “Vihir” played in the Generation 14 plus section of the festival for young adults. 

“Vihir” has screenplay and dialogues by Girish Kulkarni and Sati Bhave, and cinematography by Sudhir Palsane. The film has warm portrayals by Madan Deodhar, who has a heartbreaking innocence, and Alok Rajwade, who has a maturity that belies his tender years.

Mumbai Aamchich

Music Director - Ajay-Atul

 Marathi film Mumbai Aamchich banned by Censors
MUMBAI: The censor board has recently banned new Marathi film Mumbai Aamchich. The film based on the backdrop of a Maharashtrian man showcases people of different communities, caste and religion from other states invading Mumbai. A new entrant Sharad Bansode, B.A.LL.B from Sholapur and now based in Mumbai has written, produced and directed the movie under the banner of Shonu Arts. He has also played the lead in the film with Padmini Kolhapure, Mohan Joshi, Upendra Limaye, Sachit Patil and Kamlesh Sawant in distinctive roles.
Sharad Bansode says, “We had organized a special screening for the Seven-member committee of the censor board. Except for two persons, the rest have okayed the film. The chairperson, Sharmila Tagore, had preferred to listen to the minority decisions. The reason is that the film will become instrumental to law and order problems. According to guidelines of censor board, she has to watch the movie before banning the movie completely. At least the revising committee should be permitted to see the film before imposing the ban.”
Bansode further reveals, “I have been told that some members had spoken about the movie to some political leaders. They feel that being one-sided it may mar the prospects of other party leaders in the forthcoming elections.”
Speaking about the film he further says, “We are living in a democratic country and I feel it is every citizen’s right to speak whatever he or she feels. With so-many non-Maharashtrians coming into the city, life has become tough for the actual Maharashtrians. Mumbai Amchich is a wake-up call for the Maharatrian. There life overall is miserable and is taking its toll on the routine lives. The film is a saga of a Marathi man (a police Inspector) who fights against the law and order of the state in his own way along with three other men. The film goes ahead to show issues like exploitation at railway recruitment examinations, admission quota at Schools/Colleges, scarcity of resources, urban settlements etc.”
“I am willing to accept any number of cuts, release the film with an ‘A’ certificate and that too after the election. I have invested Rs. 7.5 millions (Rs. 75 lakhs) for the project. I hope everything materialses soon,” adds Bansode.

Majhya Mana - Salil Kulkarni

Lalbaug Parel - Review

In a first of its kind event in the Marathi cinema, DAR Motion Pictures, the filmed entertainment division of DAR Media Private Limited, in association with acclaimed actor – director Mahesh Manjrekar, symbolically unveiled the first look of their maiden Marathi production ‘Lalbaug Parel’ in the heart of Mumbai. The film has been shot simultaneously in Hindi and Marathi with two separate negatives, and is slated to release on a 9th April 2010. The Hindi version of the film is titled ‘City of Gold – Mumbai 1982: Ek Ankahi Kahani’.

Jhing Chik Jhing - Review

While all eyes are set to watch Bharat Jadhav in a serious kind of role in his forthcoming film ‘Shikshnachya Aaichcha Gho’, his another film ‘Jhing Chik Jhing’ is the major attraction at the ongoing Pune International film festival. In this film Bharat Jadhav plays a poor farmer- Mauli, who is under heavy debt. Set against the backdrop of issues like poverty, debt and farmer’s suicides in rural Maharashtra, ‘Jhing Chik Jhing’ goes on to tell the adventure filled story of Mauli’s son Shyam. Mauli owns a small plot of land in a village, where he grows cotton. The family is under heavy debt and have to repay a loan of Rs. 10,000/- to the moneylender.

Shyam, who is good at his studies has his own dreams; but he understands the situation at home. One day he finds an opportunity, when he comes to know from his school about a sack race that would fetch the winner a prize of Rs. 10,000/- . With the support of his sister Deepti and close friend Gautam he works hard preparing himself for the race. When Mauli learns about his son’s ambition, he too supports him. Finally, the D- day arrives and Shyam runs the race of his life. Whether he succeeds in his mission or not ? ‘Jhing Chik Jhing’ climax holds the key. With its opening at the ongoing festival, the film focuses on international audience with this universal theme.

The year 2010 has already proved to be lucky for Marathi films, with ‘Natarang’ setting new records from the first day of the year. There are many more films just waiting for their release in the days to come and ‘Jhing Chik Jhing’ is certainly one of them. The film stars Bharat Jadhav, Madhavi Juvekar, Dilip Prabhavalkar & Sanjay Mone. But, the artistes to watch are three wonder kids - Chimay kambli playing Shyam, Aarti More – playing Shyam’s sister Deepti and Prateek Dalvi playing Shyam’s close friend Gautam. Directed by Nitin Nandan, the film is a Cogito Entertainment presentation.