First major ‘World of Warcraft Classic’ update adds Dire Maul dungeon


Dire Maul dungeon was at first unveiled for WoW as a difficult quest for gamers ranked from amounts 55 to the unique 60 cap, and that restriction continue to applies. Blizzard details out that to realize success, you will need assistance. “Dire Maul is a specially risky dungeon for the unprepared and you are going to require dependable teamwork to make your way by all 3 of its wings,” it spelled out on its site.

To get in, players will will need lock picks, explosives or keys. Once within, you can seek out trinkets that can raise your stats, alongside with the magical Orb of Deception that will completely transform you into an Opposite Faction member.

The update also adds quests for Paladin and Warlock epic mounts, provided you might be at level 60 and up. Dire Maul has truly arrived a bit early, as it was meant to go live as element of the Stage Two updates. Blizzard hasn’t mentioned when the relaxation of Phase Two will come alongside, but it took two yrs to release the initial expansion, The Burning Campaign, in the first game.


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