Is there a vaginal orgasm?

Is there a vaginal orgasm?

It is a controversy that has been going on since Sigmund Freud’s era: can women have orgasm only with vaginal stimulation or is there always a clitoral stimulation? Let’s see what scientists and escorts claim about this.

The question is answered in a series of articles published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM) and concludes that clitoral and vaginal orgasm are two completely different phenomena.

What do scientists say about vaginal and clitoral orgasm?

“We have a lot of information about the difference between the two orgasms, the one that is clitorally triggered and the one that is triggered by the vagina,” says Dr. Emmanuel Giannini, professor of Endocrinology at the University of Aquila in Italy and the scientist who organized the entire event.

Theoretically, the answer to the mystery of the two orgasms is easy: one asks a group of women which of them has both. In practice, however, it was quite difficult to identify the difference between them.

French gynecologist Odile Bouisson of Saint-Germain-en-Laye Hospital writes in JSM that the anterior wall of the vagina is connected to the inner parts of the clitoris, thus stimulating the vagina without simultaneous excitation – this is true, the “vaginal” orgasm is the clitoral by another name.

However, research by Dr. Barry Komisaruk of Rutgers University has shown that when only the vagina or the clitoris is stimulated, different parts of the brain are activated and not the same, as would be the case if the two orgasms were identical.

These studies were performed on volunteers who were immunized on a magnetic resonance imaging, with their brain activity being recorded in detail (this type of examination is functional magnetic resonance imaging or fMRI).

What do escorts say about orgasm?

There is also evidence from women – Athens escortsthemselves, who report multiple types of orgasm. Clitoral and vaginal orgasm e.g. make women feel completely different, while women with spinal cord injuries who forbid clitoral stimulation manage to have orgasm only by stimulating the vagina.

There are women who come to orgasm while exercising in the gym, by stimulating their abdominal muscles alone or those (the few) who only have orgasm when they think they have an orgasm (in other words, there is no slight physical stimulation).

“Female orgasm is in the brain, it is felt in many parts of the body and can be triggered by many areas of the body or even by their imagination,” writes peer professor at Rutgers Dr. Beverly Wipple.

In any case, Dr. Giannini points out that women should not feel inferior to women who have no vaginal orgasm, but only clitoris.

“The woman must know her body and what she is, but she must also accept her uniqueness,” she points out. “Trying to find out for yourself what research on vaginal or clitoral orgasm reveals is the best way to lose the satisfaction that sex offers.”

Questions about sex and orgasm

Which of the two do you prefer? Do you end up having sex or prep-ping?

Most have just no choice. Only 1/3 of women end the time of penetration with the same comfort that you do. The other 2/3 either need a helping hand at that time, or leave it behind in alternate ways. Orgasm is always welcome. Find your way to succeed and then we will make a call for who is the best.

Is it possible to fantasize about sex during orgasm?

Not for everyone. Some want to be 100% focused on what’s happening. Many of them count inside. Others, again, imagine that they are with someone else. Or with another. Or with some (many) others. We won’t give you a report. We asked you what bags are hiding on your computer?

How can you say you like sex if you don’t get orgasms? All the fun is the finale

For you. For us sex can be enjoyable even without climax. We enjoy the intensity, the passion and the pleasure of the moment. Or, at least, that’s how we convince ourselves, because for us, orgasm is not as self-evident as it is for you. You don’t have to spoil it for us.

Is it possible for a woman to finish if she does not want to finish?

None. If her mind is blocked and she doesn’t concentrate on what happens, she can’t bring it to orgasm, not even the best lover in the world. But what are we talking about? Who doesn’t want to end?

Would a vibrator help with orgasm?

We have said it about vibrators, it is a gift from Chinese electric appliance makers to Woman. Indeed, it can contribute to your wonderful work. But before you resort to aids, it is best to try with your own strengths. So what is a vibrator? A cheap (starting at € 9.90) copy of what you have in your pants.

Does point G exist?

The good news is that there is. The bad news is that not all women have it. So you may be looking in vain for days, months, years to find it, only to find that your own lacks the extra equipment. First find all of the above and leave G for the end.

After all you hold the key to your orgasm, why don’t you just tell us what you want to do?

Obviously if we had directions to sailors we would give them to you. Our orgasm is quite complicated and often all we can recognize is when it is approaching and when it is not. We can, if you like, play Hot – Cold (where: Hot = Approaching / Cold = You don’t know all four). The model is still not coming out with manual, sorry.

Is it worthwhile to deal with something so complex? What am I going to gain?

Yes, it’s worth it. And you will win many, wonderful things. But if you have to ask, it’s not worth learning. It is worth the experience escorts Greece say.

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