What are the spring/summer 2020 hat trends?

The refreshing newness of spring/summer 2020 – gynaikeia royxa will be upon us very soon, and style and sun protection come together in a favourite accessory of many: the hat. The spring/ summer 2020 hat trends are about more than just sun protection and general coverage. This is the season for the resurgence of the favourite trends.

Each one of the spring/summer 2020 hats will appeal to a different kind of fashionista, though the hats we saw the most were the “ugly turned fashionable” types like bucket hats, fisherman’s hats, and wide-visor hats, which will surely work for the ugly headwear generation.

What are the spring/summer 2020 hat trends?

There was also a big showing of spring 2020 hat trends taken from vintage men’s headwear, like Panama hats, newsboys, and military-style hats, while cloches showed up as a vintage women’s hat design.

The summer 2020 hat trends also included timeless, boho-chic options, including headscarves wrapped in a variety of ways, and straw hats for heavy-duty sun protection and a beachy look.

Before we really get into it, we have to give a special shout-out to Marc Jacobs for featuring almost every single one of the spring 2020 hat trends in a single show. Now, without further ado, all of the spring 2020 hat trends!


1. Straw Hats

Natural materials and Straw had a big showing in all accessory categories, so it is only natural that straw hats were one of the big summer 2020 hat trends.

Straw hats at Dior came in dark blue or straw beige and were woven in both tighter and more opaque, as well as looser and more transparent techniques in either bucket hat or short-brimmed sun hat silhouettes.

There was a ton of glamour to the wide-brimmed straw sun hats at Etro, and the purposefully frayed brims somehow only added to that effect, acting like a fringe instead of looking unfinished.

2. Cloche Hats

Those whose hearts belong to ‘20s and ‘30s vintage fashion are going to embrace the resurgence of cloches. As cloche hats were presented this season, they are definitely fun and playful, with extra tall designs and lots of embellishments.

The cloche at Cividini was even a little ridiculous, we’d say! With an oversized design covered in layers and layers of fringe and ribbons. At Louis Vuitton, white was the colour of choice for simple cloches with just a hint of a brim. Lastly, even Anteprima presented a few small straw cloches!

3. Baseball Caps

The spring 2020 hats included a few baseball cap. But not as many as previous years, reinforcing that baseball caps are best when worn with more casual looks.

Everyone’s favourite street style brand, Off-White showcased a distressed pink ball cap printed with the label’s hand logo. At Stella McCartney, there was a mixed medium take on baseball caps with crochet cap and faux leather visor. The brimmed caps at Salvatore Ferragamo also offered a twist, with a leather brim and a scarf-like cap that was tied off at the back.


4. Old-School Brimmed Hats

Panama, bowlers, and options in between are giving us a lot of options for vintage menswear hats as unisex headwear of the most fashionable sort.

Celine blurred the lines of hat convention with their brimmed headwear design. Which had the same medium-length brim as a Panama hat but with the rounded top of a bowler.

At Chanel, there were both all-black and all-white bowler hats. Though some were embellished with a bit of colour from a lush fabric flower brooch. We saw some Panama hats at Emporio Armani, although they were made of straw.

For the ultra-colourful types, the true Panama hats presented at Dolce & Gabbana, which came in bright shades like pink and yellow, will surely appeal. There were plenty more vintage-inspired wide-brimmed hat designs at Marc Jacobs, which included both bowler and Panama hats, and Zadig & Voltaire.


5. Soft Bucket Hats

Buckets are the breakout hats for the spring/ summer 2020 hat trends, but not just any material will do, as soft fabrics easily ruled on the runways, turning what used to be “dad-wear” into something totally modern.

Naturally, the bucket hats at Anna Sui were adorable.  Made out of the same kinds of fabrics and materials that were used in the collection. Which meant there were delicate options made of white eyelet fabric, brightly coloured organza, floral tweed, and more.

At Fendi, bucket hats were also made to match the collection. Which meant that most of the hats were covered in a green jungle floral print. Crochet was another big trend on the runways this season, and it was reflected in colourful crocheted bucket hats at Kate Spade New York.

We saw more soft bucket hats at Giambattista Valli, Michael Kors, Peter Pilotto, and Marc Jacobs.

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